Who is

Christopher Jencks?

"Jencks is a savvy and clear-thinking policy analyst."
Douglas J. Besharov, Washington Post Book World
"Christopher Jencks is perhaps the country's most seasoned, supple thinker on poverty and race."
Christopher Farrell, International Business Week
Jencks . . . not only takes on issues that are explosively dangerous for a liberal academic but, in the main, does so without ideological bias, and with consistent intellectual clarity."
Thomas Byrne Edsall, Atlantic Monthly
"Few social scientists are as thoughtful, perceptive, and wide-ranging as Christopher Jencks."
Sheldon Danziger, Contemporary Sociology
"Christopher Jencks, I am fully persuaded, is a national resource."
Dennis H. Wrong, New York Times Book Review

Christopher Jencks is the author of The Homeless (1995) and Rethinking Social Policy. (More to come on this blurb.)

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